A Midsummer Night’s Dream One Word Answer

Bottom’s trade weaving
Bottom’s Christian name Nick
“king of shadows” Oberon
Whose cue was ‘Deceiving me”? Thisbe
Play’s location Athens
Who had consent to marry Hermia? Demetrius
Helena’s father Nedar
What course never ran smooth? true love
What did the wisest aunt say as she fell off the the stool? ‘tailor’
After ‘ Pyramus and Thisbe’, what entertainment did Theseus choose? a Bergomask dance
Whose singing made the sea civil? a mermaid
number of leagues from Athens to Lysander’s aunt’s house 7 leagues
number of leagues from Athens to the wood 1 league
How long do the wedding celebrations last? four days
Who swept the dust behind the door? Puck
Quince’s Christian name Peter
Who did not have Oberon’s spell removed? Demetrius
What flowers does Titania put in Bottom’s beard? musk roses
Who sees more devils than vast hell can hold? a madman
What was the wait time until the wedding day? four days and nights
How many hours were to be filled in between after-supper and bedtime three hours
Theseus’ entertainments manager Philostrate
Who played Thisbe? Flute
Where is the meeting place of Pyramus and Thisbe? Ninus’ tomb
Who was slow of study? Snug
Who slept on a bank where the wild thyme blows? Titania
Hippolyta was queen of who? the Amazons
Who was a vixen when she went to school? Hermia
Who was taller- Hermia or Helena? Helena
Who was darker- Hermia or Helena? Hermia
Who spoke the Prologue in Pyramus and Thisbe? Quince
Who is ” thou lob of spirits?” Puck
Who was the bellows- mender? Flute
What did Pyramus,Thisbe,Oberon and Titania all meet by? moonlight
What was Puck’s real name? Robin Goodfellow
Who’s kindred made Bottom’s eyes water? Mustardseed’s
Who asked Lysander to be further off? Hermia
Who was the tinker? Snout
Who does not stand upon points? Quince
What was the magic flower named? ‘Love-in idleness’
Who scratched Bottom’s head? Peaseblossom
Who sees Helen’s beauty in a brow of Egypt? a lover
What breed were Theseus’ hounds? the Spartan breed
Who was a lover that kills himself most gallant for love? Pyramus
How much did Flute think Bottom deserved a day? sixpence
What was the nine-men’s morris filled with? mud
In how many minutes could Puck encircle the earth? forty
What hath no fellow? hay
What was the changeling boy’s nationality? Indian
What trade did Starveling follow? tailoring