A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hermia Lines!!

Theseus: What say you, Hermia? Demetrius is a worthy gentleman. So is Lysander. Pardon me, but I beseech your grace that I may know the worst if I refuse to wed Demetrius.
Theseus: Either to die the death or to endure the livery of a nun, chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon. So I will live, so die my lord.
Lysander: How now, my love? The course of true love never did run smooth. So quick bright things come to confusion. Then let us teach our trial patience.
Lysander: …and in the wood without the town, there will I stay for thee. Tomorrow truly will I meet with thee.
Announcer 1: But in comes Helena, Demetrius’ former sweetheart. And she will really cause trouble. God speed, fair Helena.
Helena: Call you me “fair”? Demetrius loves your “fair.” O happy fair. I frown upon him, yet he loves me still.
Helena: Oh, that your frowns would teach my smiles such skill. The more I hate, the more he follows me.
Helena: The more I hate, the more he hateth me. Take comfort. He no more shall see my face.
Lysander: Helena, tomorrow night, through Athens’ gates have we devised to steal… …and in the wood, there my Lysander and myself shall meet. And then from Athens turn away our eyes, to seek new friends. Farewell, sweet playfellow. and good luck grant thee thy Demetrius.
Lysander: Fair love, you faint with wondering in the wood. and to speak the truth, I have forgot our way. We’ll rest us, Hermia. Be it so Lysander. Find you out a bed, for upon this bank I will rest my head. And good night, sweet friend.
Lysander: Hermia, sleep thou there, and never come Lysander near. And, all my powers, address your love and might to honor Helena and to be her knight. Help me, Lysander, help me! Do thy best to pluck this crawling serpent from my breast. What a dream was here! Lysander, look how I do wake with fear. Lysander? Lysander! Gone? No sound, no word? Alack, where are you? No? Either death or you I’ll find immediately.
Puck: this is the woman, but not this the man. If thou hast slain Lysander in his sleep, kill me too.
Demetrius: I am not guilty of Lysander’s blood. Nor is he dead, for aught that I can tell. See me no more.
Demetrius: Lysander, keep thy Hermia. If I loved her, all that love is gone. My heart to Helen is it returned, there to remain. Lysander, why unkindly didst thou leave me?
Lysander: The hate I bear thee made me leave thee so. It cannot be.
Helena: …and will you join with men in scorning your poor friend? It is not friendly, ’tis not maidenly. I am amazed. I scorn you not. It seems that you scorn me.
Demetrius: I say I love thee more than he can do! O me! You thief of love! What, have you come by night and stolen my love’s heart from him?
Helena: Fie, fie, you puppet, you! Puppet. How low am I, thou painted maypole? I am yet so low but that my nails can reach unto thine eyes.
Helena: …and though she be but little, she is fierce. Let me come to her.
Demetrius: Follow? Nay, I’ll go with thee. Nay, go not back.
Helena: Your hands than mine are quicker for a fray. My legs are longer, though, to run away. I am amazed and know not what to say.
Puck: Yet but three? Come one more. Two of both kinds make up four. Never so weary, never so in woe. I can no further crawl, no further go.

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