A Midsummer Night’s Dream Egeus Lines

Act 1 Scene 1After (Hippolyta)Four days will quickly steep themselves in night;Four nights will quickly dream away the time; (Enter)Happy be Theseus, our renowned duke!
Act 1 Scene 1After (Theseus)Thanks, good Egeus: what’s the news with thee? Full of vexation come I, with complaintAgainst my child, my daughter Hermia.Stand forth, Demetrius. My noble lord,This man hath my consent to marry her.Stand forth, Lysander:This man hath bewitch’d the bosom of my child;Thou, thou, Lysander, thou hast given her rhymes,And interchanged love-tokens with my child:With cunning hast thou filch’d my daughter’s heart,Turn’d her obedience, which is due to me,To stubborn harshness: and, my gracious duke,Be it so she; will not here before your graceConsent to marry with Demetrius,I beg the ancient privilege of Athens,As she is mine, I may dispose of her:Which shall be either to this gentlemanOr to her death, according to our lawImmediately provided in that case.
Act 1 Scene 1After (Lysander)You have her mother’s love, Demetrius;Let me have Hermia’s: do you marry her. Scornful Lysander! true, he hath my love,And what is mine my love shall render him.And she is mine, and all my right of herI do estate unto Demetrius.
Act 1 Scene 1After (Theseus)Demetrius and Egeus, go along:I must employ you in some businessAgainst our nuptial and confer with youOf something nearly that concerns yourselves. With duty and desire we follow you.(Exit)
Act 4 Scene 1After (Theseus)Each under each. A cry more tuneableWas never holla’d to, nor cheer’d with horn,In Crete, in Sparta, nor in Thessaly:Judge when you hear. But, soft! what nymphs are these? My lord, this is my daughter here asleep;And this, Lysander; this Demetrius is;This Helena, old Nedar’s Helena:I wonder of their being here together.
Act 4 Scene 1After (Theseus)No doubt they rose up early to observeThe rite of May, and hearing our intent,Came here in grace our solemnity.But speak, Egeus; is not this the dayThat Hermia should give answer of her choice? It is, my lord.
Act 4 Scene 1After (Lysander)And now do I bethink me, so it is,–I came with Hermia hither: our intentWas to be gone from Athens, where we might,Without the peril of the Athenian law. Enough, enough, my lord; you have enough:I beg the law, the law, upon his head.They would have stolen away; they would, Demetrius,Thereby to have defeated you and me,You of your wife and me of my consent,Of my consent that she should be your wife.