A Midsummer Night’s Dream Characters

Theseus Duke of Athens
Hippolyta Legendary Queen of the Amazons. Marries Theseus
Egeus Hermia’s Father
Hermia In love with Lysander
Lysander In love with Hermia but with out her father’s consent
Demetrius In love with Hermia with her father’s consent
Helena Follows Demetrius into the forest.
Quince Director of the play “Pyramus and Thisbe”
Flute Plays Thisbe
Bottom Has a donkey’s head
Titania Queen of the Fairies
Oberon King of the Fairies
Puck Mischievous fairy who delights in playing pranks on mortals
Bottom Is set down for playing “Pyramus.”
Flute He has a beard coming.
Hermia Is called a “minimus, knot-grass maid” as well as a puppet, a bead, and an acorn because of her height.
Helena Is called a “painted maypole.”
Lysander Is awakened by Hermia in the forest and says to her that he “will go through fire I will for thy sweet sake.”
Quince Is mandated by Bottom to write prologue for him.
Snug the Joiner Wants the script for the “lion’s part” early as he is “slow of speech.”