A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Characters

Theseus Duke of Athens, engaged to Hippolyta
Hippolyta Conquered Queen of the Amazons
Philostrate The Master of Revels to Theseus
Egeus Father of Hermia
Hermia Loves Lysander, daughter of Egeus, friend of Helena (MAIN CHARACTER)
Lysander Loves Hermia (MAIN CHARACTER)
Helena Loves Demetrius, friend of Hermia (MAIN CHARACTER)
Demetrius Loves Hermia (MAIN CHARACTER)
Oberon King of the Faries, married to Titania
Titania Queen of the Faries, married to Oberon
Robin Goodfellow/ Puck A mischevious fairy who causes much confusion with love potion (and otherwise) during the play
Peaseblossom, Mote (Moth), Mustardseed, and Cobweb Fairies who Titania says is for Bottom when she is in love with him
Peter Quince A carpenter and one of the artisans
Nick Bottom A weaver who is transformed into a donkey by Puck and is briefly loved by Titania (MAIN-ish CHARACTER)
Francis Flute A bellows-mender and one of the artisans
Snug A joiner
Robin Starveling A tailor