A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act IV

discourse conversation
enmity hostility
paragon model of perfection
What is Titania’s tone at the opening of scene I? Titania is very doting and loving
What is the reason behind Titania’s tone? She is under the spell of “love in idleness.”
How does Bottom’s speech illustrate dramatic irony? He asks the fairy to perform a difficult task but to not trouble herself too much.
What is a contrasting reference to Bottom’s “Ass” world and the fairy world? He was offered amazing foods that most humans would love to enjoy and he instead requests simple animal food like hay and honey.
Explain Oberon’s pun on dotage when he says, “Her dotage now I do begin to pity.” It means to possess or control; an irrational obsession…which describes Oberon’s actions towards getting the boy.
What are Oberon’s feelings about Titania and the path of love? He feels bad that he used revenge on Titania to get his way, and that perhaps it was not the best way to do it. He decides to release her from the foolish spell.
What is Theseus’s explanation of the lovers presencein the woods? He says that they must have rose early to observe the Rite of May.
How does Demetrious explain his dream and his lack of interest in marrying Hermia? He says that the love he felt was not true love, and that it melted like the snow.
How does Bottom act like a double of himself? He acts a fool most of the time trying to get everyones attention, but when he is transformed into a donkey he actually says some pretty wise things.
How does Lysander act like a double of himself? In the beginning of the story he says that his love is true and unchangeable…unlike Demetrious. Later,while under the spell, he claims he no longer loves Hermia and only loves Helena.
What is Bottom’s assessment of his dream? He thinks that he has had a dream…and yet it seemed so real.
What is the irony in Quince’s lines in scene II? He believes Bottom to have a beautiful voice and to be the most handsome in all of Athens. This is a contradiction to Titania’s response to the vile creature she has awoken to when the love spell is removed.