A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Act III, Scene I

Who is transformed into an ass (donkey)?a. Titaniab. Bottomc. Quinced. Flute b. Bottom
Who, under the effect of hypnotism, falls in love with Bottom?a. Starvelingb. Flutec. Titaniad. Snout c. Titania
The beginning of the scene can be defined as what? (for the reader)a. tenseb. humorous c. happyd. sad b. humorous
Who decides that Pyramus cannot kill himself?a. Quinceb. Flutec. Snoutd. Bottom d. Bottom
Who says that the ladies will be scared of the lion?a. Snoutb. Bottomc. Starvelingd. Puck a. Snout
What is the climax of this scene?a. Quince and the rest of the acting group run away from Bottomb. Bottom is transformed into an ass (donkey).c. Titania wakes up and falls in love with Bottom.d. Bottom calls the attendance. c. Titania wakes up and falls in love with Bottom. Bottom may be transformed into an ass, but it is only when Titania, the beautiful fairy queen, falls in love with him that it is truly comedic. Basically, the entire scene revolves around Titania falling in love with Bottom.
Who comes up with the problem of showing a crack in the wall?a. Snoutb. Flutec. Quinced. Bottom c. Quince
Who transforms Bottom into an ass (donkey)?a. Starvelingb. Oberonc. Puckd. Bottom (jumping into the magic pond of longevity) c. Puck
What mistake does Flute say when he does his part as Thisbe? I’ll meet thee, Pyramus, at Ninny’s tomb.
What is Ninny really supposed to be?a. Nothing, its correct.b. Ninus (founder of Nineveh)c. Nonus (king of the wild stallions)d. Mommy b. Ninus (founder of Nineveh)
Titania is, like all other fairies, mortal.True/False False. In Line 81, Titania says that she will rid Bottom of “mortal grossness”, meaning to give him immortality.