A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 5

How does Theseus describe the lunatic? One who sees devils. “That is the madman”
How does Theseus describe the lover? Frantic, seeing the “Helen’s beauty in a brow of Egypt.”
How does Theseus describe the poet? The poet’s eye glances between the heavens and earth, and is very imaginative.
How does Hippolyta’s position differ from Theseus’s position? Theseus believes that the lovers are lying, however Hippolyta believes them, saying their stories are too consistent for them to be lying.
How does Theseus respond to Hippolyta’s concern for the actors? Theseus assures her that nothing bad will happen to them and that they should recognize the actors’ effort rather than the quality of their work.
What is said by Theseus and Hippolyta at the end of the play? Hippolyta thinks that the play is very silly and is ready for it to be over, but Theseus said that the play could not be any worse.
Does Pyramus and Thisbe relate to A Midsummer Night’s Dream? The love between the 4 lovers and their partners could be compared to Pyramus and Thisbe, however MSND itself does not directly relate to Pyramus and Thisbe because it is a comedy rather than a tragedy.
What sort of night world does Puck describe? What does it suggest about the frequency of events? Puck describes the night as a time were ghosts come out of their graves and where the ill dream of death. His description suggests that these events happen every night during fairy time
Why do the fairies bless the house at the end of the play? They bless the house so that they lovers may live in harmony, each with whom he/she loves.
How does Puck, in his Epilogue, turn the ideas of the play back onto the audience? He assures the audience that no one should be offended due to the events in the play because it was simply all a dream (soon to be forgotten).