A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 4 and 5

Why does Titania give Oberon the child ? She cares for him no longer now that he has Bottom on whom to dole.
How does Oberon find Titania and Bottom? They are asleep in each other’s arms.
Why does Oberon remove the spell he cast over the queen? He has the boy and now he cries about his queen and now he cries about his queen and her silly new-pet. He wants her back to her true self.
Finding the two couples asleep in the wood, and learning of their more balanced love, what order does Thesus give ? He orders that they should follow him and Hippolyta to be married with them at the temple
What news does Bottom bring his companions ? The order that he gives is that their play has been chosen by the duke as an entertainment. They have to get ready and meet at the palace
Why do you think Shakespeare included a play ? The story of Pryamus and Thisby is an ancient tale well known to audeience in Shakespeare’s time.
What do the fairies do after the palace goes to sleep? Oberon sends them off throughout the house to sing and dance and bless the new lovers on their wedding night
Who does Puck address at the play’s he talks to the audience
What is the purpose of this last speech It closes the play and thanks the audience asking that they enjoy or else pardon a frivolous entertainment