A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 3, Scene 2

What does Puck tell Oberon about Titania? Puck tell Oberon that he turned Bottom into a donkey. Then Titania fell in love with Bottom.
How does Oberon feel about Puck’s report? Oberon is delighted that his plan is working so well.
How does Oberon realize Puck has made a mistake and bewitched the wrong Athenian youth? Demetrius and Helena are fighting instead of Demetrius being in love with Helena. Then he sees Lysander in love with Helena instead of being in love with Hermia.
What does Hermia think happened to Lysander? Why? She accuses Demetrius of murdering Lysander because he is nowhere to be found.
What happens to Demetrius while he sleeps? Oberon puts the spell on him.
What does Oberon tell Robin to do with Helena? He tells Robin to bring Helena to him while he puts the flower juice on Demetrius’s eyes, so when he wakes up he’ll fall in love with Helena.
How does Helena react when Demetrius says he loves her? She thinks he’s mocking her.
What does Helena think Lysander and Demetrius are doing to her? She thinks they’re ganging up on her to make fun of her.
Why do Helena and Hermia argue? 1) Helena thinks all three are making fun of her by joking and mocking her 2) Hermia thinks Helena has stolen Lysander from him.
Who challenges who to a duel? Lysander challenges Demetrius to fight for Helena.
What does Hermia accuse Helena of? Stealing Lysander from her
What does Helena insult Hermia about? How short she is compared to her.
How does Hermia think Helena stole Lysander from her? By using her height
What does Hermia threaten to do to Helena? Scratch her eyes out
What else is Oberon known as? The King of Shadows
What does Oberon want Robin to do to the sky? He wants him to make the sky dark, so Lysander and Demetrius will get lost and not be able to fight.
What does Oberon want Robin to do with his voice? He wants him to imitate Lysander’s voice and egg him on with insults until he gets tired and goes to sleep. And he wants Robin to do the same with Demetrius.
Why can’t Lysander and Demetrius fight? What does Puck do to them? Puck is leading them away from each other. When they sleep, he makes sure that the two girls are asleep next to their destined ones .
The four lovers all do what? Hermia and Lysander sleep together and Helena and Demetrius sleep together.
What does Oberon want Robin to do while Lysander is asleep? He wants him to put the flower juice in his eyes to erase all the damage to his eyes and he can fall in love with Hermia again.
How does Oberon plan to set things right in the fairy world? He plans to undo the potion on Titania after she gives him the Indian boy.