A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 3 & 4

Bottom thinks the ladies will be ________ of the lion in the play. Scared
None of the actors can remember their ________ in the play. Words
Puck puts a _______ _______ on Bottom Donkey head
When Titania woke up she fell in love with ______ with a donkey head. Bottom
_______ put love juice on the wrong man’s eyes. Puck
Helena and Hermia were childeren together at _______ School
Puck didn’t know there were two Athenian men in the _______ Forest
Where do Bottom, Quince, and the others practice their play? The forest
What do the actors do when they see Bottom with a donkey head? They freak out and run away
Why does Titania fall in love with Bottom? Love jucie
Why can’t Hermia find Lysander? He left to the woods with Helena
What does Helena think when both Demetrius and Lysander say that they are in love with her? Playing a joke
Oberon gives some different flower juice to Puck. In whose eyes will Puck put it to solve the problems in the forest? Lysander
Do Lysander and Demetrius fight? No
Titania strokes Bottom’s head and plays him beautiful music because….. She is in love
Titania offers Bottom some fresh fruit or cake, but he prefers… fresh oats
When she wakes up, Titania thinks her love for Bottom was… A dream
When Oberon asks Titania for the Indian boy she… Agrees