A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 3

Describe the difficulties of love in Act 3 and in the story. Lysander is in love with Hermia but is affected by the love potion, Titania is also affected by the potion. Demetrius is heartbroken as well as Helena.
Analyze how Bottom reacts to Titania’s sudden love. He tries to play it off as a joke because he’s confused and doesn’t understand why she’s into him. He also doesn’t know what is happening because she is doing all these things for him and he is shocked.
Analyze the importance of Titania falling in love with Bottom. This way Oberon will steal the Indian child. He plotted it from the very beginning and made Titania fall in love with bottom. He used the love juice from the magic flower and placed it in her eyes. This way Oberon would come into place and the plot would thicken.
Describe the side effects of the magic on Lysander and Demetrius. The side effects of the magic is the creation of false love. Both Lysander and Demetrius loved Hermia, but because of the magic they abandoned her and went after Helena. The men lose consciousness and control and roam based on instinct. An instinct that would never have come into being without magic.
Describe the purpose of the love potion in Act 3. The purpose of the love potion is to try and get one of the main characters coupled up. Example is Demetrius falling in love with Helena, after Puck put potion of his eyeballs. Gives the story a twist and change up how love in the beginning of the story to change fate and outcome. It makes both Lysander and Demetrius fall in love with Helena.
What does the play symbolize in act 3 scene 1? It symbolizes chaos and being unprepared, because while going over the play Puck comes in and changes Bottoms head to a donkey and has the rest of the play members run away scared.
Analyze what happened when Titania woke up. She heard Bottoms voice and because of the magical juice she instantly fell in love with him right when she laid her eyes on him.
Describe how Helena felt when Lysander confessed his love to her. She thought it wasn’t real and that he was lying and mocking her.
Analyze why Puck thought lysander was Demetrius. Because they both were wearing the same type of clothing and it was hard to tell them apart.
Describe and analyze the end of Act 3. At the end of act 3 Lysander fell in love with Helena after waking up, after receiving the love potion and see Helena and falls deeply in love, Hermia goes looking for Lysander, she doesn’t know where he went.
Describe what happened when Oberon ordered Puck to squeeze the love flower on two people. He wandered around for a while looking for the two people he could not find them. He eventually saw Hermia and Lysander when he saw them he squeezed the love flower over Lysander’s eyes. Puck was supposed to squeeze it over Demetrius’s eyes but he did not know how Demetrius looked so when he saw Lysander he thought it was Demetrius.
How and why does Titania fall in love with Bottom? Titania fell asleep and Oberon sprinkles magic juice in her eyes so that when she wakes up she’ll fall in love with the first creature she sees. She wakes up and falls in love with Bottom. In page 24, she wakes up saying, ” what angel wakes me from my flowery bed?” and Bottom sings. And Titania confesses her love to him=Bottom. Bottom’s head was a donkey.
Why and how is Puck and important part of the play? Puck is a fairy of Oberon and finds the flower potion for him. He causes trouble and uses the potion on many characters which then lead to trouble.
Critique how Helena reacted to the love that Lysander and Demetrius offended her. Lysander is the first to be possessed and falls in love with Helena, after Demetrius falls in love with Helena. Helena is shocked and thinks she is being fooled by Hermia.