A midsummer nights dream act 2 scene 2

What does oberon hope titana sees immediately upon awakening? A beast
Why does lysander want to rest?
Why does hermia ask him to move further away to sleep? She wants to wait to have sex until marriage
Why does robin goodfellow (puck) anoint lysanders eye? Got confused by Athenian clothing
What does robin goodfellow (puck) think hermias reason is for sleeping so far away from Lysander? Puck thinks Lysander doesn’t like hermia and is being rude
Why does Helena stop chasing Demetrius? She’s out of breath
Why does Demetrius leave Helena alone in the woods? He hates her
Why does Lysander profess his love for Helena? The nectar was on his eye
What is Helenas reaction to lysanders profession of love? She thinks he’s making fun of her
Why does hermia awake? She has a dream of a snake biting her heart