A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 2

Why, according to Robin, are Oberon and Titania fighting? Oberon us jealous of the changeling child being placed under Titania’s custody.
Who is Robin Goodfellow? What does he do? Compared to the devil, pulling pranks on both fairies and humans
Do Oberon and Titania have a reason to be jealous? Oberon should be jealous of Titania because he knows of her love for Theseus; Titania should be jealous of Oberon because Hippolyta was his mistress
What is happening to the weather because of the dispute between Oberon and Titania? There is a large shift in weather patterns
How does Titania’s version of the dispute differ from Oberon’s? Titania feels obligated to care for the boy because his mother was her friend, Oberon simply wants custody.
What is Oberon’s story about the magical pansy? Oberon was sitting on a rock and watched as a mermaid passed, riding on a dolphin, singing. He also watched as cupid shot an arrow, missed and hit a flower instead.
What does Oberon plan to do with the “pansy juice”? Oberon tells Robin to anoint Demetrius’ eyes so that when he sees Helena, he will fall in love with her.
What does Oberon learn from overhearing Demetrius and Helena? He learns that Helena is in love with Demetrius and that Demetrius has no love for Helena
What does Oberon tell Puck to do while Oberon goes to anoint Titania’s eyes with the pansy juice? Oberon tells Puck to anoint Demetrius’ eyes with the pansy juice, so that when he sees Helena, he will immediately fall in love with her.
What does Shakespear do in the language of the fairies to make us feel that the fairies are tiny? Shakespear defines the fairies’ size by describing how they use bat wings for coats.
What effect might sleeping Titania’s presence have on other action? Her presence could effect the volume of the characters, and what they say and do around her.
How successful are Lysander and Hermia in getting to his aunt’s? Lysander and Hermia are very unsuccessful and end up sleeping in the forest.
Why don’t Lysander and Hermia sleep close to each other? Hermia claims that, though he is disobeying her father to elope with Lysander, she still has morals of not sleeping with a man before her marriage.
What mistake does Robin make when he finds Lysander and Hermia together, especially because they are sleeping so far apart? Instead of anointing Demetrius’ eyes with the pansy juice, Robin anoints Lysander’s eyes. The mistake is not entirely Robin’s fault as he had never seen Lysander or Demetrius before.
What happens when Lysander wakes up and sees Helena? He instantly falls in love with Helena due to the accidental love potion.
What does Lysander say has cause him to stop loving Hermia and begin loving Helena? Lysander claims that nature performs magic, making everything clear to him that he is in love with Helena and that his past relationship with Hermia is forever over.
What does Helena think he is doing? Helena believes Lysander is mocking her.
(opinion) What does Hermia’s dream seem to say? The dream could be foreshadowing Lysander’s betrayal to her. She is perhaps very scared of leaving her past life behind for Lysander.