A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 2

What does the reader find out about the current relationship between Oberon, King of the Fairies, and Titania, Queen of the Fairies, from Puck and the first fairy? They are fighting over an Indian boy that they both want as a servant.
Why have Oberon and Titania come to Athens? To see the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta.
What effect has their quarrel had on nature, on the seasons, on humans? Everything starts dying and becoming more wintery
Why won’t Titania give up the Indian boy to Oberon? She was close friends with his mother.
What does Oberon send Puck to find? A special flower that makes people fall in love with the next living creature they see.
How does Oberon plan to get the Indian boy from Titania? He plans to use the flower on her and make her fall in love with a monster.
How does Helena react to Demetrius’s verbal abuse? By saying she loves him and will follow him forever.
What is her response to his threats of physical abuse? “It would be heavenly to be killed by someone I love so much.”
In what way is Helena’s behavior inappropriate for Athenian women? She is alone with a man who is not her husband.
What does Oberon tell Puck to do about Demetrius and Helena? Use flower on Demetrius to make him fall for Helena.
Why does Oberon want Titania to wake and fall in love with some vile thing? He is angry with her and wants to make her give him the Indian boy.
Why does Hermia insist Lysander sleep a little ways from her? They aren’t married yet…
Why does Puck anoint Lysander’s eyes? Oberon told him to anoint the eyes of a man wearing Athenian clothes.
How does Helena react to Lysander’s sudden love for her when he awakens? She thinks he is making fun of her.
How is Hermia’s dream a reflection of reality? She dreams that a snake ate her heart. When she wakes up, her lover breaks her heart.