A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 2

What are some of the magical elements in Act 2 Scene 1? -Magic potion -Existence of fairies
How does Puck suit the mood and plot of the play? -He’s mischievous, playful, controlling(like a puppet)-Gave potion to wrong person
What conflict exists between Oberon and Titania? What is the tone of their disagreement? -Arguing over a stolen indian boy-Oberon wants him as a slave/servant-Queen Titania wants to take care of him/ raise him as her own-Tone is serious, threatening, maybe funny because they’re very petty and it’s ridiculous
What is Oberon’s plan for forcing Titania to agree to his demand? -Plans to use the love potion to trick Titania into releasing the indian boy-She’ll be easy to summit to his commands-He wants to laugh-Plan: fall in love so she forgets the boy
What is ironic or symbolic about Oberon’s magic potion and the view of love as presented in the play? -Falls in love at first sight(contradictory)-Love was rare back then: parents would arrange marriages
What does Oberon’s decision to use the magic potion in Titania indicate about his character? How does the compare or contrast to his motivation in using the potion on the human lovers? -Indicates that he’s a bit manipulative-Empathy towards the humans-Feels sorry that he doesn’t love her back
What causes Puck to think that Lysander is the Athenian youth whose eyes he is to anoint? -He wore the Athenian rags, similar to what was mentioned and described to him-He was also with a girl, to which he assumed was Helena
What is ironic about Lysander’s declaration of love for Helena? -He says he loves her, seems a bit obsessive-He seems sarcastic, as if he’s making fun of her-She feels like she’s being made fun of
How does Lysander react toward Hermia after the juice is placed in his eyes? -Claims that he’s a gentlemen but leaves Hermia to sleep alone in the woods once he falls in love with Helena.