A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1 (lines 21-129)

Where does act one, scene one take place? Athens, Theseus’ court
Who is Theseus? Who is Hippolyta? What is going on with them? Theseus is the duke of Athens. Hippolyta is the queen of the Amazons. They are getting married.
How soon is Theseus and Hippolyta’s marriage? Their marriage is in four days.
Who is Egeus? What is his problem? What does he intend to do about his daughter? Egeus is Hermia’s father. He wants his daughter to marry Demetrius. If she disobeys him, he will try to kill her.
What does Theseus tell Hermia about fathers? Fathers should be treated with respect; they are gods to their children.
What choice does Theseus give Hermia? How soon does she have to decide? Hermia can marry Demetrius, become a nun, or die. She has four days to decide.
What does Lysander tell Demetrius to do? Since Demetrius loves Egeus so much, they should marry instead so Lysander and Hermia can be together.
Lysander points out what about himself and Demetrius? How are they the same? How are they different? Both have the same rank but Lysander and Hermia are in love. Also, Demetrius is unfaithful.
What is Theseus’ final statement to Hermia? He reminds her of her options: marry Demetrius, become a nun, or die in four days.
Dialogue conversation between two or more people
Vexation annoyance
Consent permission
Relent give up, abandon
Beseech ask (someone) urgently and fervently to do something; implore; entreat.