A Midsummer Night’s Dream 8-2

Theseus The duke of Athens; a heroic man, noble in appearance, and dignified
Hippolyta A queen of the Amazons; warrior, fierce; a beautiful woman, now engaged to marry Theseus
Lysander A young Athenian man who is in love with a girl named Hermia
Demetrius Another young Athenian man who is also in love with Hermia
Hermia A young, pretty Athenian woman who is self-conscious about her short stature; in love with Lysander, although her father wants her to marry Demetrius
Helena A young Athenian who is self-conscious because she is quite tall; in love with Demetrius; a long-time friend of Hermia
Egeus Hermia’s father; controlling of his daughter
In Greek mythology, who was Theseus? Athen’s great hero. Mythical king. Name means institution. Volunteered in “original hunger games” and kills minotaurs. Conquered Amazon.
Who was Hippolyta? The Amazonian queen. She falls in love with Theseus and ditches Amazonians.
What might be some of the major concerns of the people in this world? Impact of war/the constant threat of war. State of Individual. Food security. Role of Gods in religion.
What is the significance of the references to four days? Four days until the wedding and Hermia has to make her decision.
What has upset Egeus? What does he want Theseus to do? Hermia wants to marry Lysander instead of Demetrius. Egeus is upset that Hermia is disobeying him. Egeus wants Theseus to enforce Athenian law and if Hermia continues to disobey him to give Egeus the legal justification to kill Hermia.
According to Theseus, what are Hermia’s options? To marry Demetrius, die, or to become a nun [priests of Diana- persian goddess of moon)
What do we learn about Demetrius’ past? He got with Helena.
What do Hermia and Lysander decide to do [regarding Egeus]? Run away.
What has badly shaken Helena’s self- confidence? Demetrius ignoring her and loving Hermia. [Before Hermia and Helena were said to be of equal beauty]
Why do Hermia and Lysander reveal their plans to Helena? To make her feel better.
What does Helena reflect on in the soliloquy that closes the scene [Act 1, scene 1]? The nature of love. How random, and nonsensical, and nonlogical it is.
Why does Helena decide to tell Demetrius about the elopement of Hermia and Lysander? She wants a reason to talk to Demetrius, She hopes Demetrius will like Helena for helping him out, and wouldn’t mind something bad happening to Hermia (puts her out of Demetrius’ picture)
Theseus: Position/Role The duke of Athens. Beat Amazons and become engaged to Hippolyta.
Hippolyta: Position/Role Queen of the Amazons. Engaged to Theseus because he beat her in battle and hurt her.
Egeus: Personality Traits Controlling of daughter
Hermia: Personality Traits Young and pretty. Self-consious about her short stature. In love with Lysander. Rebellious against father. Knows love is hard.
Lysander: Personality Traits In love with Hermia. Stands up for himself/love. Logical/runs away from problems. Caring; shows he cares for Hermia through gifts. Love is never easy.
Demetrius: Personality Traits In love with Hermia, two-timer, unfaithful man
Helena: Personality Traits Self-conscious because she is quite tall. In love with Demetrius. Not a loyal friend. Fights dirty/will do anything to get Demetrius. Heart broken. Pretty, but not as pretty as Hermia.
What are the sources of humor (comedy) in the scene? Flute doesn’t want to play a woman because he is growing a beard. It is funny that he has to dress up as a woman against his will. Bottom is acting like an ass and trying to take over every part. Quince is the play writer and mixes up his words. Snug is slow so he asks for the script of a lion not realizing lions don’t talk.
Describe Peter Quince’s role assignments. Peter gave out the parts as he wished and did not let anyone switch roles. He assigns role based on personality. He had trouble keeping them in line and controlling them.
Where do the men plan to rehearse? When? Do you see any connections with the end of the previous scene? The men plan to rehearse in the woods at the Duke’s Oak the next night. Hermia and Lysander will be there trying to run away. Helena and Demetrius will follow them.
Peter Quince: Personality Traits Direction, not most competent person to be direction the play, controlling
Nick Bottom: Personality Traits Jerk, ass, annoying, cocky, boisterous, likes spotlight
Francis Flute: Personality Traits About to grow first beard, reluctant to play woman, would like to be thought of as more masculine
Robin Starveling: Personality Traits Accepting, easy-going, shy
Tom Snout Just takes the part (accepting)
Snug dumb
When and where did William Shakespeare live? April 23, 1564- April 23, 1616.Stratford-Upon-Avon
Where and when were Shakespeare’s plays staged? 1590’s. Globe theater and black fryers.
What did the theater look like? Trap door on stage. 2-3 doors in back of theater. Viewable from 3 sides- globe theater was round.
Where did the audience sit and stand? Stage was in center of globe building. People on ground were called groundlings. The upper class sat on the balconies that went all around.
Who were the Lord Chamberlian’s Men and the King’s Men? The Lord Chamberlian’s Men was a playing company for whom William Shakespeare wrote for most of his career. Shakespeare played some secondary roles.By 1603, it had become one of the two leading companies of the city and was subsequently patronized by James I. The company became the King’s Men in 1603 when King James ascended the throne and became the company’s patron. The company had exclusive rights to perform Shakespeare’s plays. [Shakespeare was a part of an acting group so he is making fun of his own experience with acting groups in the play]
What classes of people attended Shakespeare’s plays? The audiences were made up of everyone in the community. Anyone who could afford the minimum price of 1 penny could go stand in the yard in front of the stage. They were called “groundlings” or “penny stinkers.” If someone paid 2 pennies they could sit on covered benches. Rich people sat above or above and just to the side of the stage in ‘Lords’ rooms.’
Who was Richard Burbage? An english actor and theater owner. He was a star of shakespeare’s theatre company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men which became the King’s Men. He played title role in first performances of many of Shakespeare’s plays.
What kinds of plays did Shakespeare write? Tragedies, comedies, histories.
How many women were in Shakespeare’s acting troupe? Why? How would this have affected performances of his plays? No women were in shakespeare’s plays. Only men could act in plays at that time. Men would have to dress up as women in order to have female roles. (Shakespeare makes fun of that through the acting troupe in MSND).
Oberon: Personality Trait Jealous, mischievous, loves Titania, has compassion for Helena [He is being a jerk and wants to punish Demetrius for being a jerk], demanding, controlling, stubborn
Titania: Personality Trait Strong, independent, loves children, loyal to friends, stubborn
Puck: Personality Trait Mischievous, loyal, obedient, humorous, [Had Hermia let Lysander snuggle this mixup wouldn’t have happened
What is the cause of the quarrel between Oberon and Titania? Titania is giving Oberon less attention because all her attention is going to the Indian baby.
What does Oberon send Puck to find? Why? Love-in-idleness. Oberon wants to use the potion for revenge on Titania.
How would you describe the interaction of Helena and Demetrius when they come upon the scene? Helena is obsessed with Demetrius and is stalking him. Demetrius hates Helena and tries to get rid of her.
How does Oberon plan to intervene in the humans’ situation? Plans on making Demetrius fall in love with Helena.
Why did stories about fairies, elves, gnomes, and other small humanlike creatures originate among rural people in many parts of the world? To explain in the wilderness things we can’t understand or can’t explain through science, research, or common knowledge. Also to explain bad weather.
People often distinguish between good and bad fairies. What is the difference? Good fairies are beautiful, live by code of honor that demands that they repay all debts positive and negative, cherish beauty & love above all else. They would do anything they could to protect beauty & love. They still harm humans but harm never lasts or is serious (they only do practical jokes). Puck, Oberon, and Titania are good fairies. They are the blessed fairies. The bad fairies, or the unblessed, do not have code of honor, and cherish passion and chaos. They are ugly. They play tricks on humans but with the intention to harm and have long lasting or permanent results.
What do the actors discuss in the first part of Act 3, scene 1? What parts of the play might be problematic and scare the audience.
How do the actors elicit laughter from the audience watching Shakespeare’s play? Bottom keeps on making suggestion contradicting everyone. They think the audience is stupid. Malaprop (misused words). Irony. Lack of self awareness.
What does Puck (Robin) do to bottom? Make him as ass head.
How does Bottom react to the change in his appearance? He doesn’t realize and thinks his friends are playing a joke on him.
What does Titania awaken to hear and see? Bottom and his ass noises. She woke to Bottom singing.
By the end of the scene, what is the situation? Titania is in love with Bottom. Titania is beautiful and offering Bottom servants and to make him immortal.
Low Comedy Vulgar. Often involves blue humor, which emphasizes body parts and functions. Slapstick. Ex: poop jokes
High Comedy Appeals more to the audience’s intelligence. Intelligent/witty humor. Cerebral.
Comedy of manners Makes fun of social customs and conventions. Makes fun of cultural habits, traditions, stereo types, or customs.
Romantic comedy Emphasizes the difficulties involved in love affairs. It is humor that is based on al the complications and funny things that could happen when two people are trying to get together.
Farce Uses exaggeration as well as stereotypes to provoke laughter. Tends to go to the absurd (a bit idiotic). No way that these things could ever happen not even plausible anymore.
Satire Usually involve exaggeration and target social institutions such as government. More mild form of farce, ridiculous, heightens a little to show how funny it is.
Language Humor Humor associated with the use of language. Ex: Puns, Malapropism, swifties.
Low Comedy example in play Tricks Pucks play on horses, pulling chairs underneath people, turning bottom’s head into an ass.
High Comedy example in play When actors are making fun of audience. When he (PUCK?) finds Lysander instead of Demetrius (irony).
Comedy of manners example in play The play within the play that makes fun of the play cultural.
Romantic comedy example in play When Helena finally gets Demetrius’ love, but can’t believe it.
Farce example in play The father (Egeus) wanting his daughter (Hermia) put to death almost the whole play.
Satire example in play Making fun of fairies (British royals) and how their fights ruin in for everyone else
Language Humor example in play Quince mixes up order of words, Bottom’s name, malaprops, double entendre, oozle cock song, cupid releasing a fiery love shaft.
Why does Oberon say, “This falls out better than I could devise” in act 3, scene 2? He wanted Titania to fall in love with someone and she fell in love with a jerk of a person who has an ass face.
Why does Oberon himself put some of the herb in Demetrius’s eye? He doesn’t trust Puck to do the right thing. he wanted to felicitate true love.
What happens when Demetrius awakes? He sees Helena and falls in love with her.
How does Helena respond to the fact that both Demetrius and Lysander now claim to love her? Why does she react that way? She thinks they’re mocking her. She has low self esteem and thinking no one likes her.
What new aspect of Hermia’s character come to light in act 3, scene 2? She’s feisty, strong, willing to step to when need be. She is insecure about her short stature.
What do Puck and Oberon agree must be done quickly? That they need to fix the situation between the lovers before day breaks.
As Act 3, scene 2 ends, what do the audiences see on stage? 4 lovers sleeping together in the woods.
Who did Lysander and Demetrius love in Act 1? Demetrius and Lysander both love Hermia.
Who did Lysander and Demetrius love in Act 2-3? Demetrius and Lysander both love Helena.
Who did Lysander and Demetrius love at the end of the book? Lysander loved Helena. Demetrius loved Hermia.
What is shakespeare trying to convey about love for guys verse girls? Well Helena always loves Demetrius and Hermia always loves Lysander. However Lysander and Demetrius change who they love. Girls are loyal, boys however are nimble and move on from girl to girl.
What are the sources of humor in the opening moments of act 4? Bottom doesn’t realize he’s a donkey. Moseur. Seeing a beautiful warrior (Titania) fallen for a donkey (Bottom). The fairies acting as Bottom’s servants. Bottom eats donkey food. Bottom becomes more of an ass when you thought it wasn’t possible.
When Titania awakens, what does she recall dreaming? What is her reaction? That she fell in love with an ass (doesn’t remember giving boy away).
Why are Titania and Oberon in a hurry to leave? Morning was coming and fairies cant be out in daylight.
What do Theseus, Hippolyta, and Egeus find in the forest? Helena, Hermia, Demetrius, and Lysander.
Lysander speaks of being half asleep. Demetrius says things seem “undistinguishable.” Hermia mentions a kind of double vision. Helena speaks in paradox (when you hold 2 things together that can’t exist simultaneously). What are their states of mind? Impaired, dreamy, confused.
What does Bottom say in his prose soliloquy at the end of scene 1? He wants Quince to write a song about his dream called “Bottom’s dream” because it has no bottom.
What worries the rustic actors at the begging of scene 2? Bottom is missing and they cannot put on the play without Bottom.
Where are the actors going at the end of the scene? To Theseus’ palace to see if they get called on for the wedding.
Philostrate: personality traits Snooty, snobbish
Today plays often have elaborate stage sets. Was the same true in Shakespeare’s day? What would this require from the audience? They did not have stage sets so people had to use their imagination more.
Summarize the myth about Pyramus and Thisbe. It was in Babylon. The story is similar to Romeo and Juliet. It shows the foolish things people do for love (such as killing themselves when they think their lover is dead, though they may not truly be dead). *2 lovers, wall, lion, parent’s don’t approve
What does Titania recall dreaming? What was her reaction? She dreamt she fell in love with a man with a donkey’s head. She thought she was crazy and was horrified.
What does Nick Bottom recall dreaming? What was his reaction? He dreamt that his head turned into a donkey’s head and Titania treated him like a king cause she loves him. He was thinking “I just had the best dream!”
What does Hermia recall dreaming? What was her reaction? She dreamt that Lysander left her for Helena. Her reaction was, “wow what a crazy dream.”
What does Lysander recall dreaming? What was his reaction? He dreamt that he left Hermia to pursue Helena because he fell in love with her. His reaction was that he had a crazy dream that wasn’t true because he loves Hermia.
What does Demetrius recall dreaming? What was his reaction? He dreamt he fell in love with Helena and had to try to win her over against Lysander. His reaction was, “I’m okay with it, I had a crazy dream.”
What does Helena recall dreaming? What was her reaction? She dreamt that Demetrius and Lysander pretended to love her to mock that no body loves her. Her reaction was that she liked that Demetrius loves her and forgets that she thought they were mocking her.
How do Hippolyta and Theseus differ in their responses to the four young lovers’ stories about the previous night? Hippolyta thinks it did happen because they all have the same story. Theseus thinks it’s their imagination. He says that lovers, madmen, and poets minds turn to hyper action mush.
How did Philostrate react when he saw a rehearsal of the play? He thinks the play is terrible and advises Theseus to only watch the play if you want to make fun of them. It’s supposed to be a tragedy but he was laughing because it was so bad.
What is the meaning of the first prologue? It says to not be afraid and that the swords aren’t real. He also says Bottom isn’t really Pyramus. He accidentally insults the audience by thinking they are so dumb that they wouldn’t know these things are fake. Basically the whole play is given away.
What does the second prologue accomplish? It says that the gut is the wall, there is a chink in the wall, and the lovers talk through the chink.
How does the play performed at the palace differ from the one Quince first described? Bottom talks directly to audience (breaks the 4th wall).
How effective is Bottom’s portrayal of Pyramus? Not very effective (malaprops in there, over plays parts).
What time is it as the play draws to a close? Midnight (fairy hour).
What will be happening in the next two weeks? Honeymoon for all 3 couples.
Why have the fairies all gathered at the palace? To bless the 3 couples.-Children will be fortunate-Children will be pretty (without physical deformities)-Safe, peaceful, without enemies-Couples will be in love and faithful forever
What does Puck say in his closing comments? IF we have offended anyone we’re sorry, if you’re still offended pretend it’s a dream, and we’ll make it up to you. Shakespeare does this because he makes fun of many people through out the play.
What is the Exposition in the play? Act 1: who’s in love with who, who’s related to who, etc.
What are the Rising Actions? 1) Lysander and Hermia decide to run away2) Helena tells Demetrius and they enter the woods3) Oberon getting involved (sees Demetrius being mean to Helena)4) Puck puts love potion on wrong eyes5) Oberon getting involved again when he sees Pucks mistake6) Both guys want Helena
What is the Climax? The 4 lovers end up together in the woods and everyone wants to kill each other.
What is the Resolution? First Oberon fixes love spells. Finally, all the lovers get married.