A Midsummer Nights Dream #8

How does Bottom become an ass? Puck played a trick on him.
What is the reason for this strange event? he is strange, weird and bossy
What does Oberon realize when he sees Demetrius following Hermia? Puck put the love juice on the wrong Athenian man’s eyes.
What causes Helena to become angry with Hermia? Hermia accused Helena of stealing Lysander. Helena calls Hermia names.
Why does Helena refuse to believe her friend and her would-be lovers? One of the names was a puppet. She was reffering to someone who was short.
What emotion does Oberon show he is capable of? spiteful
How does he show this emotion? He always enjoyed tricking people into things that eventually worked for him.
What was Oberon’s plan? put some love potion on Lysander’s eyes
How was his plan helpful? it would make Lysander fall in love with Hermia
Who would Helena end up with? Demetrius
Where would they go back to? Athens