A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The setting of the play is in the Palace of Theseus in the city of Athens, Greece. Describe the setting of the play giving all relevant details
In ancient Greece, if someone comes along and conquers land, they will be betrothed to the princess of that city or country. How do marriages in ancient Athens come about
Usually the father gives the daughter an order, and the daughter obeys. Thats it. What are we told about the traditional father-daughter relationship in ancient athens
Hermia loves Lysander but she is being forced to marry Demetrius and Helena loves Demetrius but Demetrius hates her. Explain the conflicts introduced thus far
Hermia’s father is responsible since he is forcing Hermia to marry Demetrius, Helena is also responsible for telling Demetrius Hermia’s plan. What characters do you think are most responsible for the conflict explain why
Die, become a nun, marry Demetrius Theseus gives Hermia three choices what are they
Hermia and Lysander plan to run away and elope in a neighboring city Outline Lysander’s plan to elope
Helena wants Demetrius to praise her Why does Helena betray Hermia
They will perform at the wedding Why are the workers preparing a play
Bottom-weaver, Flute-mender, Starveling-tailor, Quince-playwrite, Snout-tinker Name the workers and give the profession of each
Oberon wants Titania’s son as a henchman and Titania doesn’t like that Why are Oberon and Titania quarreling
Oberon wants Titania to fall in love with Bottom, a donkey What does Oberon intend to do to Titania
Helena is super desperate for any type of affection What is your reaction to Helena’s plea to Demetrius to “use me but as your spaniel” how would you describe this type of love
She thinks he is messing with her How does Helena react to Lysander declaring his undying love for her
Bottom is totally chill, he is obviously very day dreamy and fantastical How does Bottom react to being surrounded by fairies? What does this tell you about Bottom’s character?
A lot of times in those days, people did not marry for love but often the wives were considered a reward for conquering land or some other feat, such as Hermia and Demetrius After Titania declares her undying love for Bottom, he replies that she has little reason to fell that way. He then continues by saying: “And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company nowadays.” What does he mean? Which relationships from the play support this opinion?
She thinks he was killed What does Hermia think happened to Lysander?
He goes to sleep and doesn’t see Puck and Oberon What does Demetrius do after Hermia leaves, and why is this important to the play?
Demetrius and Lysander are prepared to fight What are Demetrius and Lysander prepared to do to prove their love for Helena?
He doesn’t like it and wants to reverse the spell How does Oberon now feel about his wife being in love with an ass?
He squeezes the love flower on her again How does he intend to release her fro he spell?
He suggests they end the play What does Theseus suggest at the end of the scene?
He is pretty chill and kind of ok with it How does Egeus respond when he hears that Lysander and Hermia were in the woods because they planned to elope?
Theseus will wed the couples What does he demand that Theseus do?
Everyone has their (kind of) happy ending How does the setting of Midsummer Night’s Dream come full circle?
To make the play look like it was all the fairies’ doing Why do you think the play ends with a fairy rather than a mortal character?
He does because he explains everyone’s role and what is happening Quince introduces their play by reciting a Prologue. Does he do a good job? Why or why not?
There are both two lovers who can’t be together What connection does the theme of “Pyramus and Thisby” have with A Midsummer Night’s Dream?