A Midsummer Night’s Dream

who are the mechanicals of the play? snug, tom snout, francis flute, nick bottom, peter quince, robin starveling
what does snug do? he is a joiner
what does tom snout do? he is a tinker
what does francis flute do? bellowsmender
what does nick bottom do? weaver
what does peter quince do? carpenter
what does robin starveling? tailor
who does snug the joiner play as? lion
what does tom snout the tinker play as? wall
who does francis flute the bellows mender play as? Thisbe
who does nick bottom the weaver play as? Pyramus
who does peter quince the carpenter play as? director
who does robin starveling the tailor play as? Moonshine
what is a changeling? the child that the fairies have switched out
who is Titania? the Queen of the Fairies
who is Puck? Robin Goodfellow
who is Oberon? the King of the Fairies
where is it located? medieval time in Athens, Greece
what are the three storylines of AMND? lovers, mechanicals, and fairies