A Brave New World Study Questions

What is the World State’s Motto? Community, Identity, Stability
Why is the Director leading the students through the Hatchery? To give them a tour before they start work
What is the year? When would this be, using our present dating system? 632 A.F, 2495
How are people classified? Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon
What is the Bokanovsky Process? An egg will bud, proliferate, and divide. From eight to ninety-six buds, every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo and then into a full-sized adult.
How are the bottled embryos moved during their gestation periods? On racks through the metres on conveyor belts
Why are some females allowed a normal, sexual development? What percentage? They want to have a good choice and olf course one must always have an enormous margin of safety; 30%
What had happened when the maturation process had been shortened? The class in which the egg is in is lowered. They have a child like mind.
How does the introduction of Henry Foster give a businesslike feeling to the Hatchery procedure? It made him seem like he was a very busy man; and stating his facts showed he knew what he was talk about.
What does Lenina’s reaction to the Director’s familiarity show about their relationship? It shoes they’re comfortable with each other, its not all business.
What is the age and social group of the infants being conditioned? Eight/nine month old–Deltas
What is the first conditioning mechanism used? The second? FLowers and Books W/ explosions & shock
Why must the lower groups be conditioned to go to the country? to compel them to consume transport
What words have become “dirty words”? Parents–Mother, Father
How is Reuben Rabinovitch able to repeat the G. B. Shaw lecture? By hypnopaedia
Why were early sleep-teaching experiments abandoned? The information was memorized by the information was not utilized.
When was hypnopaedia first used successfully? 214 A. F.
How often is each hypnopaedic lesson repeated to be successful? 120 times 3 times a week for 30 months
The director says that wordless conditioning is crude and wholesale. What reasons does he give for this? It cannot bring how finer distinctions; cannot inculcate the more complex courses of behavior; “It doesn’t mean anything”
WHose suggestions are incorporated into the children’s minds? Our suggestions (suggestions from the state)
What are the only new games the Controllers now approve? Why? Controllers won’t approve of any new game unless it can be show that it requires at least as much apparatus as most complicated of existing games.
Who is the stranger who appears and startles the Director? Mustapha Mond
What has been advised for Fanny Corwne to relieve her depression? A pregnancy substitute
What has been advised for Fanny Crowne to relieve her depression? A pregnancy substitute
What other name is Our Ford known by? When is that name used? Our Freud; whenever he spoke of psychological matters
What does Controller Mustapha Mond talk about that shocks the students? He was raised normally with a family.
Why is Fanny worried about Lenina’s habits? Because the DHC objects to anything intense or long-drawn
Why is Bernard shunned by most people? He is an Alpha plus with distorted features like a gamma and he doesn’t like obstacle golf.
What is the purpose of Lenina’s Malthusian belt? Why must she wear it? It was a surrogate cartridge belt with a supply of contraceptives.
What is soma? Drug that makes you happy.
Where is Lenina when she tries to discuss the New Mexico trip with Bernard? The lift
Why is Bernard embarrassed by Lenina’s conversation? Because it was in front of many other alpha plus males
What is the difference in the way Bernard and Lenina look at the warm blue sky when they reach the roof? Bernard is into the essence; Lenina put its beauty to relevance with obstacle golf
When Benito sees that Bernard is in bad temper, what does he offer? A gramme of soma
What does Lenina say during the flight with Henry that demonstrates she is a true product of conditioning? “What a hideous color khaki is.”
How does Bernard treat those of lower caste than he is? Why? He is not as tall as an Alpha plus should be so he is sharp and shots at the lower caste workers.
What caste is Helmholtz? What is his job? Alpha plus; lecture at the college of emotional engineering
What does Watson compare words to? Explain the comparison. X-rays, they can pierce anything
What does Watson quietly feel about his friend Bernard? He feels sorry for him, he wishes Bernard had more self-esteem
In what type of housing are the lower castes? Ho are Alphas and Betas housed? The lower castes were in barracks, the Alphas & Betas were in smaller houses
What is done with the dead in the New World? They were cremated
How does Lenina demonstrate that her childhood conditioning has been effective? When she calls them “nasty little Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilon” and “I’m glad I am not an Epsilon”
What does Lenina ask Henry about as she is getting ready to sleep with him? Where he had bought the belt.
When must Bernard attend his Solidarity meetings? Alternate Thursdays
How many people are in each Solidarity Group? How are they seated? 12; man, women, man
Why is Bernard unhappy about sitting next to Morgana Rothschild? She had a gross unibrow
What ritual is performed during the First Solidarity Hymn? A cup of strawberry ice cream soma was passed around and each repeated, “I drink to my annihilation.”
How does the Solidarity Group meeting end? They sang the “Orgy Porgy” Hymn
How does Bernard feel after the meeting? He was miserably isolated now; separate and unatoned; much more alone and hopeless
To what does Henry Foster compare Bernard? A rhinocerous
What does Bernard want Lenina to do on their first afternoon their first afternoon together? He just wants to relax and talk
When Bernard and Lenina meet her friends in Amsterdam, how does he behave? Very conditioned and selfish
How does Bernard frighten Lenina during their return over the Channel? He stopped the propellors to show her the sea but dark weather had sprung up
What is the Director’s attitude toward Bernard’s trip tot he Reservation? He was surprised; it brought back many memories to him
What does the Director sometimes dream about regarding his experience at the Reservation? Of being woken up by that peal of thunder and finding her gone
How does the Director threaten Bernard for his reported behavior? To transfer him to the sub-centre in Iceland
What are Bernard’s only thoughts during the Warden’s lecture? About how he left his Eau de Cologne tap on
How does Bernard react when he hears the DIrector has made good on his threat of exile? He was shocked and wondered what it would be like
Why doesn’t Lenina like the Indian guide? He was queer very queer and he smells
To what does Lenina compare the tope of the mesa? Charing-T Tower
What shocks Lenina about the old man? He was an “aged” type of old
How does Bernard try to appear strong and brave? By acting very nonchalant
Of what do the drums remind Lenina? The “Orgy Porgy” Hymn
How does the new Savage appear different? His hair was straw colored, his eyes a pale blue, and his skin white and bronzed
What about Lenina fascinates the blonde Indian? That he wanted to be hit with the whip
Why is Bernard so excited with the answers the Savage gives to his questions? Because he knew about their civilized life
Why was Linda segregated by the rest of the pueblo? She was with everyone’s husbands
What can the reader infer Linda hopes will happen now? That she will be returned to the civilized world
What is one of John’s earliest memories? His mom signing to him then waking to a man yelling at Linda
What do the women do to Linda in the weaving Room? Why? They push her and yell at her because she doesn’t know how to weave.
How do the women punish Linda for her promiscuity? They whip her
When John called Linda “mother”, what does she do? What does he always call her after that? She slaps him, from then he calls her Linda
Why does John often turn to the old men of the tribe? They give him definite answers.
Why is John always in ragged clothes? What is his solace? His mother doesn’t know how to mend them. He can read and others cant
What book does Popé bring for John? Shakespeare
What does Mitisma teach John? He teaches him to work clay
What does John do when he is denied the initiation rite? He doesn’t eat for 5 days and goes to the mountain by himself
When Bernard offers to take John to London, what does John ask? If Linda can go with and if he is married to Lenina
How does Lenina handle the disgust of her visit to the Reservation when she returns to the guest home? She takes 6 tablets of soma and slept for 18 hours
Does Bernard sleep? Why? No because he goes to Santa Fé for business
Whom does Bernard called from Santa Fé? Why? Mustapha Mond, to see if he can bring John and Linda back
What does Mond do when he receives Bernard’s call? He sends the necessary orders to the Warden of the Reservation
Why does Bernard treat the Warden the way he does? To show his worth
How does John feel when he comes to the rest home? He was upset, crying
Why does John break the window? He saw Lenina’s bag and wanted to see her things
How does John handle Lenina’s clothes and make-up? He handles them like something very precious
What causes John to leave? He heard the growing buzzing noise of the helicopter.

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