4.06 quiz Macbeth D

what does the word broil mean in this excerpt from Macbeth battle
how does Shakespeare use of figurative language in this excerpt affect the play by comparing MacBeth and banquo to predatory animals like eagles and the lion, the Sergeant clear conveys the idea that these two men were aggressive and strong in battle
what does this action demonstrate about banquo banquo values his own morals more than he values is power and wealth
how do macbeths words and behavior in this scene move the plot of the play forward they prevent others from suspecting that he is the murderer
which lines from the play shows at Macbeth plant works as he planned Lenox those of his chamber as it seemed had done t their hands and faces were an bandaged with blood
which of these descriptions no longer fits Macbeth by the end of act 2 two full o th milk of human kindness to do an evil deed
how does Shakespeare decision to depict Lady Macbeth in this way effect the play it quickly and firmly establishes Lady Macbeth as a figure of great ambition and foreshadows her role in convincing her husband to assassinate duncan