3 Paragraph Romeo and Juliet Essay Jobs: Understanding and Analysis

The meaning of Romeo and Juliet’s tragic death has been debated throughout the world. Some blame Romeo and Juliet’s death on themselves, saying that they died due to their own foolishness. opening sentences
This essay, however, will argue the opposite. It was ultimately chance, not Romeo and Juliet’s own actions, that brought about their early death and demise. thesis
If some small details regarding important events – their meeting, separation, and the timing of Romeo’s return – had been different, then Romeo and Juliet could have lived happily ever after. outline
Romeo and Juliet suffered numerous misfortunes during their meeting, separation, and the timing of Romeo’s return that could have been easily avoided, which caused their ultimate death. topic sentence
For instance, Romeo and Juliet first met at Capulet’s ball. Romeo, however, was not invited to the party and only found out about it because Lord Capulet had accidentally sent a servant who could not read. evidence
This servant just happened to walking on the same street as Romeo and asked him for help. Romeo could easily have walked down, and Romeo would have never heard of the party. In this case, Romeo and Juliet would have never met, and the two lovers would have never experienced their tragic deaths. explanation
During their separation, Romeo also did not receive Friar Lawrence’s message about Juliet’s fake death due to a chance plague that prevented the messenger from traveling to Romeo’s city. evidence
If Romeo had received the message, he would have not killed himself and they would have been able to escape Verona together. explanation
In addition, Romeo killed himself a few moments before Juliet woke up. evidence
If he had a traffic jam or had been unable to find a drug dealer, it would have caused him further delay and he would have arrived after Juliet had woken up. If this had happened, Romeo would have discovered that Juliet was actually not dead and they would have been able to be happily together. explanation
These events all did not have to happen and could all have turned out differently, showing that their death’s happened because of chance. explanation
In all, careful analysis of important events during their meeting, separation, and the timing of Romeo’s return was ultimately not Romeo and Juliet’s fault that they died, but the workings of blind chance. summary
If it was Romeo and Juliet’s fault, then it should be impossible for them to have a happy ending without changing their character and personality. This essay shows, however, that one can imagine a happy ending for Romeo and Juliet without changing important things about their character and personality. explanation
In this way, the story of Romeo and Juliet becomes an important reminder to not quickly judge people with tragic stories. Some people deserve a tragic fate, but others, like Romeo and Juliet, are just poor unlucky souls who deserve pity. closing sentences

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