What does Jordan claim when Nick breaks up with her? that she is engaged to someone else
What does Tom accuse Gatsby of? illegal activities
Why does Wilson want to move? he has found out that his wife is having an affair
Myrtle dies right after arguing with her husband
What article does Gatz show Nick? a notebook
Who first discuss car accidents? Jordan and Nick
What concept does this novel undermine? the American Dream
What phrase did Fitzgerald coin? the Jazz Age
What area did Fitzgerald spend the end of his life in? the Riviera
Of what disease did Fitzgerald die? heart attack
Wilson shoots Gatsby and himself
After the murder, Tom and Daisy go out of town
When she sees Gatsby’s shirts, Daisy cries for joy
From whom does Tom constantly receive phone calls? Myrtle
Catherine is(a) Tom’s sister(b) Gatsby’s sister(c) Myrtle’s sister(d) Daisy’s sister (c) Myrtle’s sister
The novel takes place in all but(a) East Egg(b) West Egg(c) New York City(d) the Midwest (d) the Midwest
Who in this novel does not have an affair?(a) Catherine(b) Daisy(c) Tom(d) Myrtle (a) Catherine
Who arranges Gatsby and Daisy’s reunion? Nick
What does Gatsby offer in exchange for setting up this meeting? a job
Gatsby was born into the lower-class
Gatsby fought in WWI
How many children does Daisy have? one
Before Daisy’s arrival, Gatsby is nervous
The most common symbol of the dangers of wealth is cars
What ultimately kills Gatsby are his romantic commitments
When was the Great Gatsby published? 1925
Who is Meyer Wolfsheim? a notorious underworld figure involved in organized crime
Who is Ewing Klipspringer? a boarder who lives in Gatsby’s house
Where did Nick Carraway attend school? Yale
Who narrates the Great Gatsby? Nick Carraway
Which of these things is NOT symbolized by the green light?(a) nature(b) optimism(c) The American Dream(d) money (a) nature
Who is Eckleburg? An eye doctor whose billboard overlooks the road to West Egg
The road between West Egg and East Egg is(a) A literary allusion to the Wast Land, by T.S. Eliot(b) A literary allusion to the mythological River Styx(c) A “valley of ashes”(d) All of these (d) All of these
Myrtle Wilson is Tom’s lover
Why do Nick and tom go the “the valley of ashes”? Tom wants Nick to meet his mistress
Who claims to be in the “artistic game”? Mr. McKee
Why does Tom break Myrtle’s nose? She says Daisy’s name.
What reason does Myrtle give for having an affair? “You can’t live forever.”
Jay Gatsby is a bootlegger
Which of these details is true about Gatsby’s past?(a) He received a degree from Oxford.(b) He fought in the war.(c) He’s the son of wealthy people from the midwest.(d) All of these are false. (b) He fought in the war.
Complete the analogy. Gatsby loves Daisy like…(a) Nick loves Jordan(b) Tom loves Daisy(c) Tom loves Myrtle(d) None of these (d) None of these
Meyer Wolfsheim’s cufflinks are made from human molars
Why does Gatsby throw extravagant parties? He believes that Daisy may come to a party some night.
Why does Nick think that Gatsby may be disappointed with Daisy? Daisy could not possibly live up to the dreams that Gatsby had about her.
How does Gatsby dress for his first meeting with Daisy? in gold and silver
When Gatsby an Daisy meet in Nick’s home, Gatsby almost breaks Nick’s clock
Which of these is a reminder of the issues of money and class in the novel?(a) The song that Klipspringer plays on the piano(b) Tom’s need for an affair(c) Nick’s favorite color(d) Daisy’s little girl (a) The song that Klipspringer plays on the piano
At what age did James Gatz change his name to Gatsby. age 17
How is the true story of Gatsby’s life revealed? A reporter comes to Gatsby’s home and interviews him. Thereafter, the rumors about Gatsby’s past are compared by the narrator to the true events of Gatsby’s life.
Who changed Gatsby’s life forever, inspiring him to become rich and powerful? Dan Cody
What does Gatsby want from his relationship with Daisy? He is satisfied only if Daisy renounces any feelings for Tom and says that she has never loved Tom.
Why is Tom angry at lunch? He finds out that Daisy is having an affair with Gatsby, someone Tom thinks is low-class.
What is the significance of Nick realizing that “today is his thirtieth birthday?” Makes an allusion between the end of the blissful twenties and the end of the blissful ignorance of the truth by Gatsby, Daisy and Tom.
Why does Gatsby stop throwing parties? He’s been reunited with Daisy so he no longer needs to.
Who kills Myrtle? Daisy
Who kills Gatsby? George Wilson
Which of these lines best explains the error in Gatsby’s thinking?(a) “Of course you can [repeat the past]!”(b) His voice is “full of money.”(c) “In the morning, in the evening, ain’t we got fun?”(d) His constant use of the words “old sport.” (a) “Of course you can [repeat the past]!”
Why is Daisy’s daughter a symbol? She is a symbol of time passing and things changing.
Why does Gatsby allow Daisy to drive his car? She wants to calm her nerves after a tense lunch.
Why doesn’t Gatsby leave West Egg after Nick tells him that the authorities know that his car killed Myrtle? He wants to protect Daisy and see what she will do.
Why does Nick say, “You’re worth the whole damn but put together”? He admires Gatsby’s vast bravery, honor, and above all optimism and faith in the American Dream.
Who or what symbolizes God in this story? A billboard
Who does not attend Gatsby’s funeral?(a) Owl-Eyes(b) Meyer Wolfsheim(c) Nick(d) All of these men attended Gatsby’s funeral Meyer Wolfsheim
What reason does Fitzgerald give for Gatsby’s death? He “paid a high price for living too long with a single dream.”
What symbol at the end of the novel contradicts Gatsby’s fervent belief that no one can escape his origins and rewrite his past? “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past.”
Where do the nouveau riche live? East Egg
Tom’s apartment is in Morningside Heights
Gatsby’s mansion is Gothic
Nick is Daisy’s cousin
What gift does Tom give Myrtle? a dog
Who does Wilson think is his wife’s lover? Gatsby
Where does Nick meet Gatsby? at his own party
Where does Gatsby claim to be from? San Francisco
What sort of accent does Gatsby affect? English
Why is Owl Eyes surprised by Gatsby’s library? the books are real
What promise to Daisy break? that she would wait for Gatsby
Where are Gatsby’s shirts from? England
Why did Gatsby drop out of college? he refused to work as a janitor to support the fees
Which woman wears the darkest colors in the novel?(a) Daisy’s child(b) Daisy(c) Jordan(d) Myrtle Myrtle
The novel is set during prohibition
What does Gatsby say Daisy’s voice sounds like? money
Who did Daisy lose her virginity to? Gatsby
What is Wilson’s profession? mechanic
How does Gatsby die? he is murdered
What proof does Gatsby have of his fictional past? a medal from the government of Montenegro
Meyer Wolfsheim is rumored to have fixed the 1919 World Series
Many of the rumors surrounding Gatsby connect him with which country? Germany
At the end of the novel, Nick decides to move to the Midwest
What color car does Gatsby drive? yellow
What sport does Jordan play professionally? golf
Who were classmates?(a) Nick and Gatsby(b) Tom and Daisy(c) Nick and Tom(d) Tom and Gatsby (c) Nick and Tom
What does Myrtle do for a living? housewife
Gatsby is first presented as a religious figure
Gatsby is later represented as a romantic
Nick is(a) a homosexual(b) married(c) unmarried(d) divorced unmarried
When Gatsby is murdered, he is(a) at Tom’s house(b) in a pool(c) in the city(d) in a car (b) in a pool
What does Gatsby provide for free at his parties? alcohol
Who is the most cynical person in the novel?(a) Daisy(b) Tom(c) Jordan(d) Gatsby (c) Jordan
Who is the most overtly racist person in the novel?(a) Tom(b) Nick(c) Gatsby(d) Jordan (a) Tom
What does Toe see as cause for an apocalypse? interracial marriage

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